Monday, June 21, 2010

Wi-Fi Available for 150 Bucks !

Good news all around for those of you considering a nook. An all-white, Wi-Fi only version, which leaked a bit early, goes on sale today for $150. That sounded pretty exciting...before the 3G version simultaneously dropped by $60.

That's right, the classic nook is now $200. From what we can tell, the only three differences between the $150 Wi-Fi nook and the $200 3G nook are:

• connectivity (Wi-Fi vs 3G, duh!) and
• cosmetic (the Wi-Fi has a white back, the 3G has a grey back)
• imperceptible weight (Wi-Fi runs 11.6 ounces while the nook 3G is 12.1 ounces)

To me, the $50 premium would be worth ensuring that I have perpetual, free access from anywhere, though a $100 nook Wi-Fi would be the eBook reader to really sell me...if such a thing is possible in the rising era of tablets.

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